Carbon black content: 5%-55%
Melting Point: 120-190°C
Water Content: <0.2%


High carbon black concentration
Excellent disperation
Good heat resistance


Injection blowing
Spin dyeing
Blown film


Poly Colouraid manufacture a comprehensive range of Black Colour Masterbatch products that are used extensively throughout the plastic industry. We have a wide selection of standard colours available from stock, including a range of colours suitable for outdoor applications with excellent weathering properties.

Welcome to Poly Colouraid India Pvt Ltd

POLY COLOURAID INDIA offers a range of Black Masterbatchbased upon Polyethylene, Polypropylene and a Universal Carrier System. These Masterbatch are commonly used at dosage levels of 1% to 5% or more, depending on the technical application. Our products offer extremely high pigment dispersion and colour distribution. Products declared as food approved contain selected raw materials which meet the specifications.

Our Black Masterbatch standard range is based on pigment black (Carbon Black) and is designed to provide high temperature stability, excellent dispersion. Our products are sold to markets like Irrigation Pipes, food and industrial packaging films, Containers, Crates, Cables, Yarns and agricultural films which require high weather fastness and conformity with international normative standards, as well as to the injection moulding of electronic parts, where high gloss and intensive blackness are demanded.

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Black Masterbatch



Poly Colouraid’s black masterbatch provides enhanced UV protection, high tint strength, throughout the life of the product.

Extrustion Coating

Poly Colouraid’s black masterbatches are renowned for its exceptional dispersion along with superb process capacity and reliable quality.


Premium dilution properties and high colouring strength are constantly maintained in most moulding processes while using poly colouraid grades.

Profile Extrustion

At Poly Colouraid, we exclusively build up our black masterbatch, conductive compounds and conductive concentrates by focusing on processing.

Sheet Extrustion

Certain Poly Colouraid black masterbatches, which are used for sheet applications, contain process aids which eliminate die build up and lot more.


Our grades offer the highest loading of carbon black pigments while preserving excellent dilution properties and easy compound coloring in most processes.

Why Poly Colouraid?

With years of experience, Poly Colouraid is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of black masterbatch. Our team and technoglogy ensures the quality standards in both products and customer service.

Customer Service

We are dedicated to provide quality products without any compromise to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Customized Solutions

We bring forth the best tailored solutions for your project challenges that are facing in today’s plastic industry.

Increased Value

At Poly Colouraid, we do on-time delivery and low inventory level options to help build our customer's profitability.


Poly Colouraid have a vision that to be a global specialist manufacturers of Black Masterbatche in the plastic industry.